Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Know A Gal

I know a gal who is so very special.  

The gal I know is strong, articulate.  She's a mom and a wife, a daughter and a sister. Beautiful, honest, intelligent, generous, fiercely loyal and loving of her friends.  

It feels like I've known her for years, and in a way, I have, yet we've only begun to communicate in the past 6 months.  She's my inspiration and my saving grace when I myself feel like I can't struggle through another day.  

Her name is Renee, and I love her as much as a sister, and today she turned 53.  


I am so honored to be able to call you my friend.  You are an absolutely amazing woman.  You're so loved and admired by all who have the wonderful fortune of meeting you or reading your words.  Your candid displays of a full gamut of emotions draw people in..captures them in a way so that they can understand a miniscule part of your very complex thoughts and feelings.  Your heart on your sleeve at times, your firey spirit in your words, always. 

When your own heart was breaking, you took the time to try to mend mine.  You drew me into your virtual arms, rocked me, yes, even sang in my ear to make me feel better, and it worked.  You help me see life so differently.  Because of you, I gain strength in my own life, and with my own deep fears.  You're always in my thoughts.   

Thank you Daisy and Henri, for giving me the wonderful gift of Renee.  

I hope you have a wonderful wonderful day today my sweet sister of the heart.  I will be thinking of you in my travels today.  

I love you! 

*ps..I'm struggling right now with a terrible spring chest cold, but couldn't not sing a song for you.  Yes, you've heard it before, and it still stands true to this day.  You raise me up, Renee, so never forget that.  I put it in the bottom player on this page.  Love you. <3>


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  2. Caroline you know that your voice goes straight to my soul. I love it and I love you for singing for me.

    Your words are beyond generous.

    I love you back my sister of the heart. And I want everything to go well for you.

    Love Renee xoxoxo